Sometimes our clients send us notes and have given us permission

to share them.  Here are some of those notes we have received...


WE LOVED DIANE!!! She was amazing with [our son]! He enjoyed working with her and she did an amazing job at getting him caught up in 8 weeks of working with him! I am hoping to use her again this fall! Thank you for pairing us with with such a great tutor!!! -- Mother of 8th grade home-schooled student who had slipped far behind in his studies

I just want to tell you how happy I am with the tutors that you have assigned to [my daughters].  I really love your service and not having to worry about getting cash for every tutoring session.  I wish I had used you earlier but when I saw the Exeter address for your company, I thought it was located in Germantown and that is a 30 minute drive for me. The tutors are very caring and want to help my daughters as much as possible.  I really appreciate that.  They are also very flexible as to where we meet which is also great.  Again, I just want to say thanks and how pleased I am with your services. -- Mother of students at St. Francis and St. Benedict schools


I am writing to say "THANK YOU!" Our son's ACT English score went up 4 points!  -- Father of 11th grade student at Christian Brothers High School, March 2016


As the College academic year is about to begin, I'd like to pass along a final word of thanks for the work you did with [my daughter] last year in bringing up her ACT score. [She] was accepted to every college that she applied for and received scholarship offers from most (both academic and athletic). She chose to study at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) and was accepted into their Pre-Med program, as she looks to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. She finished with a 29 on her ACT and an overall GPA of 3.6. It's worth noting that in her senior year of high school - the year she worked with you folks - she achieved a GPA of 4.2 for the year.  My thanks again for helping prepare her for college. I wish you well in the future. -- Father of  Germantown High School Student



Thank you for taking extra time over the holidays to help my daughter prepare for the TEAS. Thanks to you, she was very successful! -- Parent of College Student


I want to thank you and Brainiac for providing such a wonderful service and tutoring experience for my daughter!  Everyone has been so professional and courteous.  [The tutor] was a great fit for [my daughter] and helped her get through that second quarter and exams.  I am sure we will be calling you again and I know I will be recommending Brainiac Tutoring service to my students! Thank you again for providing such a   wonderful service in our community! (Also, your website is amazing! Easy to find information and your pay system is so convenient! Just really appreciated your professionalism!) -- Parent of 10th  grade Chemistry Student at a Private High School in Memphis


With [the help of] Brainiac Tutoring, our son improved his overall ACT score by 5 points and achieved his goal of a 30! We really feel that he was so anxious about that first ACT test that it did not reflect his real abilities. Tutoring gave him a major boost in self -confidence and settled his nerves so that when he took the test again, he was able to achieve his potential. He was very happy with his score as it opened up another level of scholarship opportunities for him. We truly believe that your company's tutoring really gave him the confidence and tools to do his best on the exam. We have not been shy about sharing that information with our friends, either.  Thanks again for all of your help!  -- Parents of a Senior at Christian Brothers High School


Thank you very much for recommending [your tutor] to work with [our daughter]. We absolutely love her and [the tutor] has done such a great job. Her teachers have seen a big difference and really appreciate [the tutor's] help. --Parent of fifth grade student at Germantown Elementary School


[Our daughter] took the ACT in June and you helped her go up two points with just a few sessions. Then she took it again in September after more tutoring and her score went up two more points! We are extremely pleased. She is going to take it one last time at the end of October. Your tutoring services have been extremely helpful and we thank you so much for all the help it was for [our daughter]. --Parent of Senior at First Assembly Christian School


How do we thank you??!! You have been fantastic and I cannot tell you what a tremendous help you have been to [our son]. He was so touched and pleased with your sweet note yesterday. I do agree, he has come a long way and hopefully, will keep it going. He does seem to be in a much better mental state of what is required of him. I know he is not there yet, but I do think he is headed in the right direction, in no small part to you. --Parent of St. George's middle school student


Thanks for the expertise! I'm a big fan of yours! --Mother of St. Agnes Academy Junior working with a Brainiac Tutor on ACT Prep


Thank you so much for tutoring [our daughter] over the past six weeks. We noticed that she has more confidence with math, and her knowledge about math concepts has increased thanks to you.

--Parents of Second Grade Student


We are very pleased with our son's progress and with the flexibility of the tutor. --Parent of Freshman at Christian Brothers High School


Thank you!...[I am] not sure where we would be without you. [Our son] speaks very highly of you... you have taught him a lot more than math. I wanted two things out of his second try at college: a business degree and I wanted him to respect academics. He is on his way to the degree. What has really surprised me is his respect for academics. I have assisted him with a couple of projects and I have been pleased with his level of understanding and wanting to not just complete the project but make an A. What a difference a year makes!" --Parent of Junior at Christian Brothers University


I am just calling to tell you how wonderful all of your tutors are. My daughter said, "I have been tutored by lots of people over the years. These tutors make me feel like I am smart!" Thank you!

--Parent of Junior at Hutchison being helped with ACT preparation, March 2012

We just want you to know that [Jo] is a wonderful tutor and a great asset to your company. She goes out of her way to be helpful and I appreciate it. Thankful.--Parent of St. Dominic School 3rd Grader


I am very pleased with [our son's] tutoring experience with [the tutor]. What's more important, my son has a very positive opinion of the sessions, which is not often the case when you are dealing with a teenager! --Parent of Briarcrest High School Student who is receiving help with writing skills


It was a pleasure meeting with you. We desperately needed your timely and spot-on input. I feel so much more confident now that we're on the right track and doing the right things to put [our son's] best foot forward [on his college applications]. Navigating this new application process and confidently interpreting some of the on-line application questions has been a challenge for us. Our school counselor has been a help too, but I didn't feel as comfortable forwarding to her all of my questions... I really needed a second set of eyes and speedy answers to my nagging questions to feel more comfortable, and you have provided that. Your detailed, specific, logical, and yet common-sense feedback on [our son's] resume, your ideas for his essays, and your ability to answer my questions regarding the on-line applications is invaluable to us. Thank you so much! --Parent of High School Senior at a private school


I want to thank you for all you did for our daughter. You made a difference both for her in math and in the quality of her senior year. She felt a connection with [the tutor] and vastly reassured by her support. I was tremendously relieved as well. I appreciated your time, your organized teaching, and your communication with me. The communication was especially reassuring because that is not my daughter's strongest area. Thank you for all you did. Knowing you cared was a great part of her success. --Parent of 12th grade Trigonometry Student from Saint Agnes Academy


Once again, thank you for the best money we ever spent. [The tutor] is a rock star!!! --Parent of 11th grade Algebra II and Chemistry Student from White Station HS


When I came to your company, I was at my wits end. I had called the companies in the area that people are familiar with due to name. I stumbled on your service after a conducting numerous searches (and in my mind this was the last search I planned to conduct). After viewing your site, the professionalism came through and I had to call! Your tone and willingness to help let me know I had made the right decision! The sessions with [the tutor] were always thorough and he has THE TRUE HEART of a TEACHER. He would explain several times until I got it. I appreciate the level of service your company offers to students, especially to adult students in the mid-south. I started [the course] with a D and held that grade for about a month. I was discouraged and wanted to give up, but I hung in there and had AN OUTSTANDING tutor to fill in those conceptual gaps not covered well in class. I received my grade today, and it was a B-. From this moment on, I will highly recommend your tutoring company to anyone who is looking for quality service with exceptional tutors.--Adult student taking college-level Statistics course.


Overall, we rate the tutor's service with an A PLUS! We are extremely pleased with the tutor.--Parents of a home-schooled elementary student


The tutor has been wonderful for my son. He has been able to explain [Algebra II and Chemistry] concepts my son was not able to grasp from school.--Parent of a high school junior


You are doing a great job. My daughter always feels more confident in herself after she has worked with her tutor. You are wonderful - accommodating and considerate. We love Brainiac Tutoring!--Parent of a high school freshman taking Algebra I


Brainiac Tutoring has been a life-saver. During a time when my daughter had missed a week of school and did not know how she would catch up, Lynne Marie explained the work she missed and helped her get organized-- instead of frustrated and overhwlemed. I cannot imagine you doing anything any better. You have always helped her through tough struggles. I really appreciate you always assisting in any way you can to help her be the best student she can be.--Parent of a high school freshman taking algebra and physics


We are perfectly satisfied with all services. This has TRULY been a LIFESAVER for my student in math!-- Mother of a seventh grade home-schooler


We are so grateful to Brainiac Tutoring! -- Parent and her son, a Senior taking Physics


I hired a tutor from Brainiac Tutoring to help our daughter in her math class. The tutor developed a good relationship with her right away, which made [my daughter] willing to listen to ideas about how to learn math and even how to get organized and study better. Her grades in math improved an entire letter grade. In fact, her grades in every class went up at least one letter grade in just one semester. My daughter has much more self-confidence now and is doing well in all of her classes.

-- Mother of a seventh grade student


I really enjoyed working with my tutor. I was struggling in College Algebra and I had a foreign teacher who spoke poor English. The one-on-one instruction helped me to get a full grasp of the subject matter that was nearly impossible for me to get in class. College life presents new challenges that take up much time and can create a hectic schedule. Thankfully, my tutor was able to work around my schedule and provide me instruction when I needed it most. My tutor was very easy to get along with and she was very concerned about my academic performance. I looked forward to each session! I was very pleased with my final grade and if anyone is struggling in school and needs excellent tutoring, Brainiac Tutoring will not disappoint!  --College freshman


Well, I survived the test... thanks to you! Your help was more valuable than I can begin to express in words. If I could put it into mathematical terms, I would have to say: YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION! Thank you! -- Adult student who received math tutoring for the PRAXIS test


I had taken the GRE a couple of times but did not get the scores I was hoping for, even though I had taken some GRE review classes at my college and had studied very hard for the test. Then I worked with a tutor from Brainiac Tutoring on the math portion of the GRE. The next time I took the test, my math score went up 250 points! This score helped me get accepted to graduate school. Thanks, Brainiac Tutoring! -- College Senior



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