Interactive Online Tutoring

We are here for you, even as your students are working at from home to keep up their school work and prepare for the ACT/SAT. We are conducting highly productive meetings using an online whiteboard with video and audio capabilities. 

This is not an online class where a student might passively watch as a teacher demonstrates. Rather, we interact with the student constantly during our meetings so that we can address the individual needs of your student.  


If you suddenly find yourself in need of extra help for your child, we have the capacity to help make sure that your student continues to learn even while they are not able to go to school. We are happy to help ensure that your student is making the most of their time during these difficult days.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of Brainiac Tutoring. As a locally founded company, we feel a strong tie to the community and our team of tutors. We appreciate your continued patronage so that we can keep our staff employed.