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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of the tutors?

Brainiac Tutoring is a team of highly-educated, professional adults who are committed to work as team members with the student, family, and school staff to provide the best possible academic results for each student. The company includes a large staff of professional tutors who are subject matter experts at various grade levels. At a minimum, Brainiac Tutors hold a bachelor's degree. In addition, they must have 12 semester hours or significant professional experience in the subject matter they are tutoring. All Brainiac Tutors are highly recommended by their professors and professional colleagues, and have extensive teaching and/or tutoring experience. Nearly all of our tutors have a Master's Degree, and several hold a PhD or are working towards a PhD.


What is Brainiac Tutoring's approach and philosophy?

Parents usually have several goals when they seek tutoring assistance. One of the most common goals is to improve grades as quickly as possible. This is important and is sometimes the main focus of the tutoring in the beginning. To that end, in the early stages of tutoring we may spend more time assisting students with concepts covered on specific assignments and tests. We do keep in mind, however, that any assignments presented to teachers must be a presentation of only the student's work.


In addition to improving grades, we believe it is vitally important that as much as possible in every session, we help the student see connections between material learned in the past and material that will be covered in the future. We aim to insure that in each session, each student is learning how to learn on their own. Thus, our philosophy is that of "strategic tutoring", which emphasizes helping each student to learn independently and become better able to learn without the aid of a tutor in the long run.


While reaching the goals set in conjunction with the parent and student, we strive to provide excellent communication with parents, and, upon request, with teachers and other school staff.  


What grade levels and subjects are covered?


We offer tutoring in most subjects for students from kindergarten to college, and we specialize in mathematics. Our tutors provide instruction in selected courses in the curriculum, or selected concepts or topics within a course. We also provide home-schooling support/tutoring and standardized test preparation, including the GED, PRAXIS, ACT, SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and ISEE.


Where do tutoring sessions take place?

In-person tutoring sessions are conducted in mutually-agreeable locations such as libraries, schools, and bookstores. We do not usually meet students in the home, mainly due to the many distractions (television, pets, siblings, etc.) which may inhibit the student's full concentration. However, in-home tutoring is considered on a case-by-case basis in order to accommodate the needs of the student and student's family. Whenever tutoring is conducted in the home, a parent must remain on premises.

Some students prefer to meet the tutor online tutoring using our shared whiteboard with audio/visual link. This is a great option if the student is home-bound, or needs as little as 15 minutes (K-6) or 30 minutes  (7-college) of assistance at a time.  Students can also choose to meet our tutors in person on some days, and remotely other days.  


How long are the tutoring lessons?


All meetings are assumed to be one hour in length, unless arranged in advance for more or less time.  If meeting times are shortened by agreement, then K-6 students still have a 15-minute minimum charge; older students have a minimum 30-minute charge.

How and when are payments expected?


We accept payment via VENMO, cash, check, PayPal, and all credit cards. All payments should be made directly to the Brainiac Tutoring rather than to the tutor. Checks made  should be mailed to our office address so that the tutor can focus exclusively on helping the student and not on financial arrangements. We also accept all major credit cards. We ask that the first two hours be pre-paid. After that, you will receive a monthly invoice via email. Payments are considered past due on the 10th of the month following the month during which services are provided. 

Does Brainiac Tutoring offer group tutoring?

We prefer to work with one student at a time so that the student will not be overly challenged or hindered by the progress of other students in a group setting. However, group tutoring is considered on a case-by-case basis.


I am interested in becoming a Brainiac tutor. How do I get started?


Click here for an application and further instructions.


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