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Who We Are

Brainiac Tutoring, LLC, is a team of highly-educated, professional adults who are committed to work as team members with the student, family, and school staff to provide the best possible academic results for each student. The company includes a large staff of professional tutors who are subject-matter experts at various grades levels.


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What We Believe

Listed below are the cornerstones of Brainiac Tutoring's philosophy and principles.


One-to-One Instruction

Brainiac Tutoring provides service in a one-on-one setting so that the focus is on the particular needs of the student. We work with each student to develop a strategic, customized educational plan which is unique to the student's needs and learning style.


Strategic Tutoring

While in many cases, it is vitally important to assist each student to improve his or her grades, it is equally important to insure that the student knows how to learn the subject matter without the aid of a tutor. We believe that our focus must always include helping the student to become a more confident and independent learner.



Qualified Tutors

Brainiac Tutoring believes that tutors should be highly-qualified. Each tutor is screened to insure that he or she has a love of learning and a commitment to student success. To this end:


  • Tutors must hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree, with at least 12 semester hours or significant professional experience in the subject matter they are tutoring.

  • Tutors must have references and come highly recommended.

  • Tutors have extensive teaching and/or tutoring experience.

  • Since tutors work with young people, Brainiac Tutors are required to pass a background check.

  • Brainiac Tutoring uses tests to help us determine the fit between tutor candidates and our Team.


Convenient Times and Locations

Brainiac believes that tutoring should be as convenient for parents and students as possible.


  • Tutors meet with the student before, during, or after school either at the school or in mutually-agreeable locations.

  • Weekend and evening sessions are also frequently available.


Communication with Parents

We believe in keeping you updated on your child's progress every step of the way. 


  • Communication plans are important, and we are eager to set up a plan for communicating with you about your child's objectives and progress towards those objectives.

  • Brief phone meetings will be conducted on a periodic basis so that the two-way communication will be of maximum benefit to the student.

  • Call the office at 901.337.2420 if at any time you have a question, concern, or more information that may help us work with your student more effectively.

Professional Tutors Helping Students Succeed From Kindergarten to College

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