Use Summer Wisely - Get Ready for the ACT!

Many students report that their third year of high school is the most demanding of their high school years. As Juniors, they are pressed by challenging coursework, social demands, job commitments, and time-consuming extra-curricular activities. They find that their schedules are full and they often lack the energy to commit to full ACT preparation when

they are already so busy.

Test preparation is most effective when it is carefully planned and when it begins several months in advance of your student’s planned test date. Therefore, we recommend that students begin diligent preparation for the ACT during the summer before their Junior year of high school.

Diagnostic Test:

If your student has already taken an ACT recently, we can use those scores to get started. Alternatively, we would like for the student to complete an ACT or SAT diagnostic test under timed conditions. Brainiac Tutoring will score the test promptly and provide a detailed report - including the Composite Score and Subscores. Our analysis will indicate the specific skills that must be strengthened and how we propose to help. The amount of recommended instruction time depends upon the students' needs and commitment to completing assigned homework.


Our Test Preparation Focus:

Content knowledge - We will seek out the gaps in the student's English, Math, Reading, and Science knowledge. Once these gaps have been identified, we will provide instruction and assign practice to be completed during and in between sessions.​

Test taking strategies - Students are taught the best strategies for taking the test.

Practice! Practice! Practice! -Taking sample tests can be helpful - but only after content gaps have been filled and test taking strategies have been learned. Once the tutor determines that the student is ready, the student will be asked to work through as many sample tests as possible given the time available. The key to improvement lies in going over the missed questions carefully to discover the causes of the errors. We do not want a student to practice making the same mistakes over and over again. So our tutors examine the students' work and discuss why the mistakes were made and how to avoid them in the future.

These steps take time, so let’s get started with your student this summer! Give us a call at (901) 337 2420 or send an email so that we can help plan the most effective, individualized plan for your student.

Oh - and here's a great resource we pulled together for your student -- an ACT Math Formula List .

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