We're here to remind you that if your student plans to take the ACT on October 28, then they will want to register by THIS FRIDAY, September 22.  

Registration remains open from September 23 through October 6, but late fees will apply if you wait. 

This Wednesday, September 8, is the deadline for regular registration for the October 7 SAT Test Date!

You can still register online from September 9  through September 27 , but you will be charged a late fee if you wait that long. 

Upcoming SAT Test dates: 

October 7

November 4

December 2

March 10

May 5

June 2

Register here for the SAT. 

This Friday, August 4, is the deadline for regular registration for the September 9 ACT Test date! You can still register online from August 5 through August 18, but you will be charged a late fee if you wait. 

To help you get ready for the math test, click here to get our free, downloadable PDF list of formulas. 

Upcoming ACT Test dates

September 9

October 28

December 9

February 10

April 14

June 9

July 14

Register here for the ACT.

Within the next few weeks, our local Memphis and surrounding area students  will be back in school.  At Brainiac Tutoring, we work with some students who have an ongoing need for extra help in a subject or two. Many times, parents of these students call us before school starts to secure a favorite tutor. We think that's a great idea because we want the students to start the school year strong, with the highest grades possible.  It's emotionally more difficult for a student to try to play

"catch up" if they struggle at the beginning of the school year and do poorly on a first test.   

So our recommendation is to call before school starts, or immediately thereafter, to discuss your student's needs and decide upon the best time to "bring in those reinforcements!"

Let us know if we can help!

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Are you or is a student you know taking the August SAT? If so, register now!

Locations are filling up fast with many already full! To register, visit the College Board website.

Although the deadline to register for the August SAT is July 28th, we strongly recommend you register now to secure the closest and most convenient testing location.

Many students report that their third year of high school is the most demanding of their high school years. As Juniors, they are pressed by challenging coursework, social demands, job commitments, and time-consuming extra-curricular activities.  They find that their schedules are full and they often lack the energy to commit to full ACT preparation when

they are already so busy.

Test preparation is most effective when it is carefully planned and when it begins several months in advance of your student’s planned test date. Therefore, we recommend that students begin diligent preparation for the ACT during the summer before their Junior year of high school.

Diagnostic Test:

If your student has already taken an ACT recently, we can use those scores to get started. Alternatively,  we would like for the student to complete an ACT or SAT diagnostic test under timed conditions. Brainiac Tutoring will score the test promptly and provide a detailed report - including the Composite Score and Subsco...

Below is the complete list of the  SAT test dates for the 2017-18 school year.  Don't forget to register for the August test date before you get so involved in Summer fun that  you miss the deadline!

To register for the SAT, click here.  


The last ACT test date until the Fall is on June 10. If you have not yet registered for this test date, you must do so by May 5 - THIS FRIDAY - to avoid the late registration fee. Late registration is available only through May 19 . 

To register for the ACT, click here.  

The ACT dates for 2017-18 are also posted.  Great news! In the past, the ACT has not been offered during the month of July. But in 2018, the ACT will be offered on July 14. This is excellent news -- especially for Juniors who want to give it "one more try" to attain their target score before beginning their Senior year of high school.

Here is the complete list of the  ACT test dates for next school year: 

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